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451 Research: Network-Dense Telx Will Play to Its Strengths In 2015, Starting In Manhattan

John Bonczek
April 1, 2015

In a new report from 451 Research, Analyst Kelly Morgan takes a close look at Telx’s history, strategy, and plans for future growth.

The Impact Report, which starts with a brief account of how Telx has grown since it was founded in New York in 2000 at 60 Hudson Street, concludes in part that Telx’s position in New York, Atlanta, and Chicago is a primary strength for the company to focus on moving forward. Telx expects around 20% year-over-year growth in 2015.

451 Research Analyst Kelly Morgan notes:

Datacenter service providers are often tempted to open facilities in new markets. Sometimes, however, it may make sense for them to focus on markets where they are already strong. This is particularly true for interconnection providers, since a network­dense facility is hard to recreate in a new market, and such facilities rarely come up for sale.

Premium colocation and interconnection provider Telx added a couple of new US markets in early 2014 (Portland, Oregon, and Seattle), and throughout 2014 it mainly focused on expanding in cities where it already had a presence. With greater than 20% year­on­year revenue growth for 2014, its strategy seems to be working, and Telx plans to continue this approach in 2015. It has kicked off the year with two expansions in its top market, New York.

This impact report by 451 Research provides great insight into Telx’s strategy in 2015, its position within the market, its plans for growth, and more.

Readers interested in accessing the full report can do so via a landing page at 451 Research. (You will be required to log in before downloading the report.) For questions about the report or about Telx’s offerings in Manhattan, reach out via the contact page of our site, or by Twitter, Facebook, or ;LinkedIn.


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