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Blog Hero Five 9s
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Celebrating five-nines of uptime for the 15th consecutive year

Erich Sanchack, Chief Operating Officer
Juli 26, 2022

Digital Realty’s longstanding record of operational excellence continues, with the business delivering 99.999 per cent availability, equating to more than 3.7 billion operational minutes throughout 2021.

For the fifteenth consecutive year, Digital Realty has achieved five-nines – or 99.999 per cent – availability1 for our customers throughout 2021, solidifying our reputation as a trusted and secure partner for managing enterprises’ data and supporting their digital transformation strategy.

With data continuing to grow exponentially and becoming one of, if not the most valuable commodities in the world and a key priority for enterprises of all sizes, never has the need to maintain operational excellence been higher. However, data is only valuable if it can be exchanged and utilised, meaning that uninterrupted uptime is essential. This is an area that Digital Realty has continued to deliver on for 15 years in a row and is committed to continuing to deliver for the foreseeable future.

As a data center provider operating as the nervous system of the digital economy, we play a vital role in enabling people around the world to connect and keep commerce and information flowing. Our focus is to bring enterprises, service providers, and equipment manufacturers onto one single global platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, which will allow our customers to easily provision global connectivity and orchestrate connected services across our worldwide data center footprint. Operational excellence is at the core of who we are, and it is our responsibility to maintain the integrity, security, and compliance of enterprises’ data and keep customers’ infrastructures running efficiently.

It’s a role that is increasingly challenging in this fast-moving and complex world, where geopolitics is adding fresh complexities to compliance and cyber-attacks are becoming ever more prevalent. Malware is also continuing to evolve and become more sophisticated, while resiliency continues to be tested with a global workforce that is more distributed than ever before.

Yet despite these challenges, the operational and security teams at Digital Realty are proving hugely successful at delivering operational excellence to every single global customer, day in and day out. We ruthlessly protect and defend our data centers as a critical global asset with an approach that is centered around principles of resilience. Our data security model has been designed to be adaptable and dynamic, to deal with different attacks that have various levels of penetration. This means we can prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruption.

Next to this is a dedicated workforce committed to service excellence. Digital Realty continues to build an even more inclusive organization where everyone belongs and sees opportunities to build their careers and global networks. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Leadership Council is led by employee volunteers and supported by our executive leadership team. Our employee resource groups currently include our Women’s Leadership Forum, Veterans ERG, Black ERG, and Digital Pride (LGBTQI+).

Crucially we enable our customers to have confidence in their data so they can continue growing their businesses and operate efficiently. As a business, we are committed to continuing to provide our customers with industry-leading, provably secure, and resilient operations and business services. Another five-nines award is a testament to the hard work and resilience of our teams and is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

1 Uptime metrics are based on a comprehensive evaluation of data center suites owned and operated by Digital Realty worldwide, including facilities operated by Interxion: A Digital Realty Company, using standard industry methodology. Total operational minutes were prorated per year for each data center suite, beginning on the commissioning date, from the beginning of 2007 through 2021.

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