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“Cyber Security: The Risks, Threats & The Future,” from Telx MarketplaceLIVE is now on video!

Andrew Baird
July 16, 2015

Online fraud and cybercrime is wreaking havoc. From hackers breaching major corporations like Sony Pictures, to thieves stealing 70 million U.S. shoppers’ credit card numbers, cyber security is becoming a daily concern in today’s always-on Internet of Things world. As the IoT and other technologies have proliferated, security threats and crimes have expanded exponentially.

In the newly-released video embedded above, the panel at session #2 of Telx MarketplaceLIVE 2015 addresses what the future looks like for businesses and consumers as we move into the next generation of an interconnected world.

The session, moderated by Dr. Augustine Fou, independent ad fraud researcher, features the following panelists:

  • John Bandler, Assistant District Attorney—Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau
  • Adam Cohen, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group
  • Dan Wolfe, VP Information Technology, Telx
  • Timothy P. Ryan, Managing Director, Cyber Security, Kroll

Covering everything from how organizations minimize disruption and reduce risk to the weak points in security architecture, this session brought about a great discussion on the security of our interconnected world. Have a look above for insights into everything we discussed here, and more.

If you enjoyed the panel session above, head over to the TelxMarketplaceLIVE 2015 Vimeo page. There you’ll find video of the other three panel sessions, the opening address from Chris Downie, CEO, and more. You can also learn more about Telx MarketplaceLIVE by visiting its official website here.

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