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Data Centers in 2014, By the Numbers

Bill Kolman
Juni 13, 2014

What does current data center spending look like in the enterprise? How about spending on colocation? And on another end of the spectrum, how are people looking at cooling and efficiency?

These questions and more were all answered in a recent data center survey by market researcher and industry consultant Uptime Institute. In their survey, Uptime Institute took a look at the data center industry, analyzing everything from colocation and financial services to power usage efficiency, or PUE.

Here are a few of the bigger findings of the survey, adapted from Enterprise Tech:

  • 62 percent of respondents reported increased spending on data centers, while only 13 percent said budgets were being cut
  • 86 percent of providers of colocation services reported year-on-year budget increases, including 46 percent who said they received large budget increases
  • 63 percent of respondents in the financial services vertical reported a budget increase for data center spending, while 21 percent reported that their budget was cut
  • 50 percent of respondents in the enterprise reported receiving budget increases, with the rest reporting stagnant or reduced spending
  • 72 percent of company executive and IT managers surveyed said they measure PUE, while nearly all colocation service providers (95 percent) said they track energy usage
  • Company-owned data centers are expected to decline 3 percent over the next year, while the adoption of colocation services is expected to rise to 26 percent over the same period

All in all? Colocation and the financial services sector are receiving budget increases, while enterprise spending on data centers is slowing. What’s more, Uptime Institute “warned that investments aimed at improving datacenter power usage efficiency, or PUE, are hitting a wall.” That said, colocation providers seem to be the big exception to that latter statement, with the large majority continuing to track energy use and finding new ways to incorporate energy-saving features.

It’s an interesting time in the data center services world. Off-premise computing and colocation services are expected to continue growing in popularity, while enterprise spending on data centers is expected to decrease, which is to say that companies are going to continue to need to find efficient, cost-effective ways to manage their data center services needs.

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