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Get to Know Some of the Associations Attending MarketplaceLIVE

Jessica Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager - Events
September 20, 2016

MarketplaceLIVE is the one day event where the tech community comes together and cross-pollinates ideas for digital success. This year’s theme, “Learning from Unexpected Places,” is exemplified by many of our partner associations, which represent a variety of concerns from all over the world. By partnering with MarketplaceLIVE, you can get your association in front of thousands of influencers and dealmakers from all corners of the global tech community.

Below, we want to highlight just a few of the diverse associations who we have partnered with for this year’s event.

NYNOG (New York Network Operators Group)

NYNOG was founded by Christian Koch and David Temkin to provide networking professionals in the NYC metro area with a powerful networking community that is focused on people. Through their events, they aim to provide a casual environment to discuss and share experiences, ideas, and discuss innovative solutions to the complex problems the networking world faces.

We are excited to host NYNOG’s second meetup when it conducts the Interconnection Workshop at 10:45 am at MarketplaceLIVE. Join network engineers and infrastructure professionals for a three track workshop focused on interconnection, covering everything from the basics to engineering for interconnection, including operational topics, and the business of interconnection.

Business Chicks

Business Chicks is the largest network in Australia with over 250,000 women in its thriving community. Business Chicks produces over 150 events each year, featuring revolutionary speakers like Diane von Furstenberg, Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Brene Brown, Rachel Zoe, and many more.

Last year, Business Chicks launched into North America with a presence in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Their mission is to connect and uplift both women in the corporate world and entrepreneurs through their events and educational activities, their online platform, and various other initiatives such as PowerPlayers, their peer-to-peer facilitated monthly mastermind program.

When asked what they were most looking forward to about attending MarketplaceLIVE, they said: MarketplaceLIVE is all about networking and collaborating, which is in direct alignment with our values at Business Chicks. Business Chicks is thrilled to be a part of an event that breaks down industry barriers, opens up meaningful conversations, and encourages collaboration. We can’t wait to share our story and learn from so many others as well!"

Don’t miss Global CEO Emma Isaacs give a talk on how to build up your contact base to strengthen your influence within your community of interest at 10:15 am, and on networking at 12:45 pm.

PTC (Pacific Telecommunications Council)

The Pacific Telecommunications Council, recognized as PTC, is a global non-profit membership organization promoting the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Pacific Rim, a dynamic, emerging region of the world spanning over 40 nations.

Through education and their annual conference in beautiful Honolulu, PTC mobilizes global leaders in telecommunications and information technology industries so they can drive the development and deployment of information and communication technology (ICT) across the Pacific region and beyond.

As a global organization, they engage the broadest community of professionals, organizations, technologists, researchers, and influencers who together ensure progress in our industry while improving the quality of life in Pacific Rim communities.

“PTC is excited to be a part of MarketplaceLIVE because we can meet with our community members outside of the Pacific region, and we can learn about the latest data center ecosystem news” said PTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Nakama. “Be sure to stop by our booth on the exhibit floor to learn more about membership.”

New York Venture Community

New York Venture Community believes that the startup community is stronger when it bands together. With specialized branches including Fin+Ops, Tech, Sports, and Food, the organization is a facilitator for making valuable connections and sharing world-changing ideas.

“We are really excited to help promote an initiative that brings the NY tech ecosystem together,” they said. There’s no doubt that more happens when you make new connections!

Are you a member of an association? Get your name out there, create networking opportunities, and establish a sense of authority within the greater community. With organizations as diverse as these, you might be surprised at who you meet and what you learn at this year’s MarketplaceLIVE.

MarketplaceLIVE takes place on Thursday, September 22nd at Spring Studios in New York City. Click here to register now.



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