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High Power Density Data Center Installations

Patrick Douglas
June 4, 2015

Power availability is a key factor for customers with high-density requirements in determining the suitability of a data center. Along with data center location, specifics of power availability can be a determining factor in selecting the right data center for colocation. Telx maintains facilities in many regions that can accommodate even extremely high power requirements.

Equipment deployments of the type below often have power requirements that are higher than typical:

  • Large modular routers and switches
  • Blade server enclosures (a chassis with numerous plug-in server modules)
  • Storage enclosures (a chassis containing numerous disk or solid state drives)
  • High-density server pods

In the case of large modular routers and blade compute/storage enclosures, the very idea is space efficiency to maximize density in a given cabinet. This implies a higher power requirement for such cabinets. There may be two or three compute/storage enclosures mounted in a single cabinet. In the case of the largest Internet routers, there may be a single massive device deployed in a cabinet that requires a huge power draw.

In the case of high-density server pod installations, this is simply the case where large numbers of servers are deployed within each cabinet. The overall power requirements may approach or exceed that of blade enclosures.

There may be a number of these high-power cabinets in a cage requiring a large power feed to a remote distribution panel supplying the cage. The location (data center, suite, floor position) and power feeds for these installations must be carefully planned, since beyond power engineering it is likely that the means to cool these cabinets will also need to be planned.

For these cases Telx offers high-density power in most markets. Some Telx data centers have higher power density than others. Power capacity can even vary by suite within a single data center since the ability to build out power is affected by the engineering and equipment on each particular floor.

Beyond power capacity, the actual availability of power in the suite is another factor in multi-tenant facilities (the power capacity may be there but other customers may be using it). The other factor is the ability to properly cool cabinets drawing such high power. This can often be a greater engineering task than the power installation itself.



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