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Hybrid Cloud Computing: Enabling Business Success

Don Schuett
April 30, 2014

The hybrid cloud is something we’ve talked about before. In many ways, hybrid clouds provide the best of both worlds from the public and private clouds, giving you flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency all at once. Here at Telx, we’re big proponents of the hybrid cloud for businesses looking for a custom, secure cloud solution.

A recent article in Data Center Knowledge highlighted some of the benefits of hybrid cloud computing in the modern business environment, and its takeaways are points that we think anyone considering a hybrid cloud solution should take into account.

The article in Data Center Knowledge highlights a few key points:

  • Seamless connectivity: With a hybrid cloud, businesses are able “to connect their own private infrastructure directly to their private networking within their public cloud deployment.” This allows businesses to bypass the need for public IP lines, mitigating latency and lowering costs.
  • Networking-as-a-service: As Robert Jenkins notes, “hybrid connections allow for much more diversified connectivity options than a standard public cloud provider can offer.” Companies using the hybrid cloud can lower costs using a cross-connect and standard per GB cost.
  • Harmonized deployments: Most cloud providers today allow customers to run public and private clouds in one seamless deployment. This hybrid solution allows companies to utilize either type of cloud when needed, giving them flexibility they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Flexibility: Finally, hybrid clouds “uncover hidden value beyond the elimination of public IP lines.” If a business experiences spikes around the holidays, they can scale up with the public cloud rather than investing in additional infrastructure. This saves costs far beyond those that come from eliminating public IP lines.

This article reinforces what we’ve said before about hybrid clouds: they are a flexible, customizable solution, allowing cost savings and efficiency while also giving businesses the best of both cloud worlds.

If your business is looking for a cloud solution that offers privacy, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings over other traditional networking solutions, Telx is here to help. With our partnerships with cloud providers like Peak, and our direct connection to providers like Amazon’s AWS, we can help you craft a custom cloud solution that directly fits the need of your business.

Want to learn more about hybrid clouds and how they can benefit your business? Let us know by reaching out via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.


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