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Introducing SFR2, Telx’s Second San Francisco Facility

Scott Sherwood
February 25, 2016

Located just outside Silicon Valley, the city of San Francisco, California has a reputation as one of the most innovative cities in the world—and for good reason. Home to companies from Airbnb to Fitbit to Wells Fargo and everything in between, the City by the Bay is tremendously important to the global economy.

Of course, rolling hills and beautiful views aren't enough to make a business tick. Companies in San Francisco need infrastructure to back up their cutting-edge products and services. Today, we're pleased to announce the addition of SFR2, a Telx data center facility located within walking distance of San Francisco's financial district, to our data center portfolio.

Positioned at 365 Main Street, SFR2 has an interesting history: it was originally built as a military tank assembly plant. Constructed from solid steel and concrete, the building features extensive security capabilities and 8.6 MW of critical IT power load. A carrier-neutral facility, SFR2 enables access to major carriers, internet exchanges (AMS-IX and SFMIX included), and cloud hubs within the region, and also affords customers IP Bandwidth service availability.

Perhaps the most innovative (and important) feature of SFR2 is its earthquake resistance. The building has extensive power and cooling redundancy in the event of an earthquake or tsunami, but its support goes much further than that. The building underwent award-winning upgrades for its friction pendulum system, which isolates the base of the building from its floors, ensuring critical operations are maintained throughout and after a major seismic event. As a result, the building has achieved an “essential facility” designation according to applicable building codes.

Data Center Knowledge detailed this system in a 2010 piece on earthquakes and data centers by Rich Miller. The 365 Main St. building is built atop bedrock, and the friction pendulum system absorbs shocks created by seismic movements. "In an earthquake," notes Miller, "this will allow the entire building to effectively float above the shifting ground beneath it. The piping, cabling, and utility connections join the building above these isolation joints...” This impressive system gives SFR2 customers peace of mind should a seismic event occur.

Add in connectivity to various cloud, network, and IT communities present in multiple facilities across San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley (including SFR1), as well as SOC2 and PCI-DSS compliance and a complimentary secured indoor parking garage, and it’s easy to see why SFR2 is such a critical facility.

It may have been built with a different purpose in mind, but this tank assembly plant turned data center facility at SFR2 provides the ideal infrastructure to support our customers’ mission-critical applications and service offerings.

For more details about this world-class facility, please see the SFR2 information page here. For all other questions, reach out to us via our contact page, or connect with us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn).


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