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Is Your Data Center Equipped to Handle the Hottest Day of the Year?

Hector Hernandez
August 4, 2014

The National Climatic Data Center recently put together an interesting map. Using 1981-2010 U.S. Climate Normals, the NCDC mapped the warmest days of the year in the contiguous United States.

On top of being a fascinating use of big data—the map used thousands upon thousands of data points to render trends across the United States—we’re interested in the map because of questions it can raise about climate variability in the United States and how that may affect your data.

As the NCDC notes, “although the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth peaked at the summer solstice on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures for most of the United States tend to keep increasing into July.” The hottest day of the year has already passed in most states on the east coast, but is yet to come across most of the Northwest and Southwest. And in both cases, the hottest day having already passed doesn’t mean that the heat is gone entirely.

Hot days will continue to come long after the hottest day of the year. In fact, worldwide, 2001-2010 was the warmest decade on record since thermometer-based observations began. Now is as good of a time as ever to sit down and make sure you’re certain of how your data center handles the heat.

How does your data center services provider keep your data cool? (Telx uses under-the-floor forced air cooling.) How is your data center equipped to handle power outages? (We maintain our facilities 24/7 and back our cooling systems with diesel generators.) And perhaps most importantly, how is your data center equipped to handle natural events that may come about as a result of climate change? (Telx takes many steps to ensure the safety of your data.)

Maps like these may be interesting to look at, but they’re also important reminders about the fragility of our environment and the ever-increasing need for a data center services provider that’s equipped to handle the challenges of our changing climate. And with that, we ask: is your data center equipped to handle the hottest day of the year?

Interested in learning about Telx’s outsourcing solutions and what we’re doing to keep your data cool? Reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter and let us know—we’d love to answer any questions you may have.


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