Don Schuett
December 8, 2015

We've all experienced the frustration that comes with visiting a website or web application, only to have the page load slowly (or not at all). Social and professional networking sites and gaming sites are just a few examples of platforms that may struggle with heavy bandwidth demands and high growth trajectories.

Webbasierte Dienstleistungsanbieter können in einer solchen Situation sehr davon profitieren, in einem Rechenzentrum mit einem reichen Ökosystem von Dienstleistungsanbietern zu sein. Die Verfügbarkeit von Dark Fiber, Peering Exchange und Verbrauchernetz-POPs mit einer einfachen Querverbindung vereinfacht den Betrieb in hohem Maße. What's more, reducing vendor interaction to the physical level as much as possible maximizes performance, optimizes user experience, and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).

In a new white paper titled, “When Over-the-Top (OTT) Companies Outgrow Their Network Provider,” we discuss how a private network can benefit web-based service providers. Zu den Themen, die wir in diesem Whitepaper behandeln, gehören:

  • Spezifische Netzwerkanforderungen
  • Transportinfrastruktur
  • Transportnetzüberlagerungen
  • IP-Netzwerküberlagerung
  • Content-Delivery-Netzwerke

By the end of the paper, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of how large web-based service companies can overcome the limitations of capacity and responsiveness associated with outside vendors.

To download “When Over-the-Top Companies Out Grow Their Network Provider,” click here. For questions about this new release or just to say hello, reach out to our team on social media via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!

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