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Majority of Businesses to Increase Reliance on Colocation

Rene Quinones, Product Manager – Colocation Expansion
November 9, 2017

A new survey from mission-critical equipment specialist Vertiv shows that a majority of businesses plan to increase their use of colocation services over the next two years. A recent article from Datacenter Dynamics outlined some of the key findings of the report.

The primary takeaway is that, while 57% have plans to increase their use of colocation services, 25% plan to stay at the same level they are at right now, and 12% aren’t sure. Only 6% of 226 businesses surveyed plan to decrease their reliance on colocation services.

The primary reasons cited for continued or increased reliance on colocation are many of the same reasons our customers choose to colocate within our facilities. The ability to scale simply as well as low latency and the ability to choose from a wide variety of providers were popular responses, and areas where our facilities excel.

Additionally, it was noted that because deployments will only become more diverse and complex, colocation providers that offer more value-added services in addition to the standard space, power and cooling, will likely be rewarded.

At Digital Realty, we pride ourselves on being the colocation provider of the future, right now. We have designed our facilities and services so that they are secure, scalable, and agile enough to take care of our customers’ needs now and into the future. Learn more about our colocation services.



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