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Managing Today’s Data Centers

Daniel Wolfe
July 14, 2014

The ongoing evolution of data center technology means that businesses are continuing to receive better and better service and efficiency from colocation providers like Telx. But it also means that IT departments—both at colocation providers and at other enterprises—need to continue to adapt the way they train their employees if they want to see success.

Antonella Corno of Cisco recently highlighted this issue in an article published to Data Center Knowledge, noting that as data center technology evolves, “IT departments are realizing that they must invest in their employees’ skills if they hope to thrive in the modern data center environment.”

Virtualization is one of the main culprits behind this renewed need to invest in skills. As Corno notes, “the open-endedness of a virtual data center that is so powerful can be potentially overwhelming” to businesses not used to the opportunities that virtualization provides. Businesses can combat that by investing capital and resources in enablement—but only as a “joint investment between the solution provider and the customer.”

All-in-all, the ongoing evolution of data center technology means that there’s a distinct possibility of a knowledge gap popping up; as lines have blurred between specializations that were once very distinct, the need to take on more and more expertise has increased. All of this is to say that the best data center services providers (and businesses with their own data centers) will need to invest heavily in employee training and knowledge development if they want to continue to succeed in today’s increasingly complex world of colocation.

What does all of this mean for you as a business colocating with Telx, or using Telx for other data center-related services? It means that we’re taking advantage of the technology at hand, too. Thanks to virtualization, specialized skillsets, and a talented staff, we’re able to continue occupying the cutting edge of the data center services world to ensure that your business gets the best service around.

It’s not just outside businesses using new technology to their advantage—colocation providers like Telx are using technology to stay competitive, too.

To learn more about what Telx is doing to maintain an industry-leading workforce in all of our data centers, feel free to connect with us through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.



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