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One Solution to Future-Proof Your IT Strategy

Andrew Schaap, Sr. VP of Sales
October 19, 2016

Our world is becoming increasingly mobile and data driven. Both B2C and B2B business models are challenged to meet the demands of exponential growth or asked to drive it. Unfortunately, existing enterprise IT infrastructure at best struggles to meet the new demands in speed, agility, security, and scalability. At worst, it may completely fail to do so, and potentially cost companies millions in downtime and loss of competitive advantage every year.

As a business enabler, the role of IT continues to grow more critical every day. Tech leaders, from CIOs to CSPs, continually re-strategize in attempt to address new challenges arising from market forces and internal performance and security concerns. Finding a way to future-proof IT strategies to support growth is clearly becoming a necessity. So companies are looking to a hybrid cloud strategy to supplement IT capabilities.

Deploying applications to the cloud to lighten enterprise workloads brings its own set of challenges. Yet, in spite of that, the majority of enterprises are looking to do so as a way to optimize performance, security and latency, with 82% of them already having a hybrid cloud strategy.1 Researchers believe we’ve already breached the cloud adoption midpoint, as 51% of installed workloads being deployed now reside in cloud data centers. Meaning we’re well into the era of hybrid cloud.2

While the cloud can deliver agility, without a strong technical partner to help you navigate the complexities of deployment, you are likely to face failure. Fortunately, data centers are evolving to meet mission-critical demands in IT by serving as a one-stop shop for scale, collocation and interconnection.

The Connected Campus
Digital Realty’s unique solution, the Connected Campus, brings all the critical data center, network and cloud connectivity elements together under a single, secure environment, including:

  • Colocation and large scale facilities tethered to market Internet gateways, in close proximity to clouds and networks
  • Seamless interconnectivity to multiple networks and multiple clouds, as well as our growing ecosystem of partners, customers and service providers
  • Scalability in space, power and bandwidth to meet current business requirements and support future growth.

Benefits of Digital Realty’s Connected Campus: Improve Hybrid Cloud Adoption and Focus on Innovation

  • Improve security and performance of hybrid and multi-cloud applications by avoiding the public Internet, utilizing our Service Exchange, expected to launch in November, to privately connect to an ecosystem of cloud providers both on campus and beyond our data centers
  • Reduce complexity of hybrid cloud adoption and challenges in scalability through our partner ecosystem comprised of best-in-class network solution integrators and aggregators
  • Gain insights from data more quickly by collocating private architectures next to public cloud resources on campus, achieving optimal performance by significantly reducing latency
  • Utilize Digital Realty’s trusted data centers, home to 4 out of 5 of the industry's largest cloud providers.

If you’re ready to create a more dynamic and responsive business and help to future-proof your IT environment, make Digital Realty part of your hybrid cloud strategy and learn more about how The Connected Campus can benefit you.

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2 - 20 Questions for CIOs on Hybrid Clouds



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