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Power of Connection: CEO Stein Addresses Telx Acquisition

July 14, 2015

This morning, Digital Realty announced a definitive agreement to acquire Telx. A copy of the press release with details on the announcement can be found at:

Now that the announcement is public, I am excited to post this open letter to our clients, partners, and suppliers as you are all together the key to the future of our firm.

We believe in the Power of Connection.

Global business growth demands more than data storage and compute. Interconnection, colocation, and cloud interoperability – where Telx excels – perfectly complement Digital Realty.

The combination of these two firms opens more choices for our clients to leverage, more opportunities for our partners to fill our clients’ needs across the IT stack, and more growth for our suppliers to help us achieve.

Any acquisition brings a large number of questions. I can commit to you that this announcement will positively impact your relationship with your data center provider.

This acquisition will enhance the service we provide to our clients and partners in pursuit of your business goals. Our initial intention is to operate each company as a separate entity while strategically analyzing the optimal integration path moving forward.

All of us at Digital Realty are committed to providing incredible service. To that end, I welcome your feedback on any aspect of what we do.

I will review all comments to this post and reply to as many as I am able to during this busy and exciting time for us.

Bill Stein, Chief Executive Officer



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