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PTC’15 Highlights With Membership Committee Co-Chairs

Jessica Smith
March 3, 2015

Following PTC’15, Pacific Telecommunications Council members Will Hughs (Telstra) and Anthony Rossabi (Telx) offered up their thoughts on the event in PTC’s monthly newsletter. We’ve republished their comments below.

"Dear Members,

These last few years at PTC have left us feeling a curious blend of emotions: nostalgia as veteran members retire, excitement at the scale of bandwidth being discussed with some of our newer Internet company participants, awe at the pace of change in our industry and (honestly) exhaustion due to the new back-to-back Sunday and Wednesday meetings, which have started edging out our traditional and much-loved “green” and “sand” sessions.

However, all of this is overshadowed by the absolute thrill of knowing we are at the epicenter of a paradigm shift in the way telecommunications networks are used and interact with each other. PTC’15, with its theme of “Networked Planet”, really brought this to life and proved that we are truly fortunate to be part of a phenomenally fast growing industry, presenting not only significant revenue opportunities but also a host of engineering, regulatory and technical considerations that can only be addressed by the type of collaboration and personal networking that this important conference fosters annually.

In 2015, Telstra’s senior leadership team made the decision to slightly tweak the profile of people sent to this key industry event. Recognizing that a primary challenge as we head towards 2020 will be in engineering – specifically for the type of highly flexible, massively scalable infrastructure that the Cloud, non-linear TV and user generated content requires – Telstra invited some of the most talented engineers from their domestic and international operations, to get face time with the best and brightest from those world leading brands that now find PTC relevant.

This approach succeeded in generating significant interest and excitement among the whole Telstra team at PTC, and by including more engineers in the mix, Telstra managed to poke some holes in that “wall” that separates sales from engineering in so many organizations. It fostered collaboration and brainstorming more typical of a start-up, but delivered by people who are part of a global scale, 100-year old organization.

Telx too saw similar trends at this year’s Hawaiian gathering; many meeting discussions contained cloud enablement solutions using a mix of a cloud service providers and enterprise grade data centers with connectivity to a densely carrier rich facility. Having the Telx engineering and solutions architects teams represented in meetings, side by side with the commercial teams, made the meetings more impactful and productive.

Telx also saw the atmosphere of PTC’15 as convivial. Indeed, PTC in many ways is a place to network and to conduct business, but it’s also a place to give contributions and support for diversity in tech. After all, PTC is a non-profit organization, and the spirit of the organization is about bringing a difference to the lives of people in the Pacific region. Through its own charitable work with local communities and work relationships with educational and healthcare institutions, especially those that are connected in Telx’s NYC3 location, Telx understands and travels with the giving spirit that can continually enrich the PTC culture.

As we look ahead to next year’s PTC Conference, we recommend you also consider “mixing it up” when it comes to your planning, and remember, it doesn’t have to end with cultivating leadership and advocacy in your engineering ranks.

Aloha everyone–we wish you a prosperous, collaborative AND inclusive 2015!

Your Membership Committee Co-Chairs,

Will Hughs (Telstra) and Anthony Rossabi (Telx)"

Originally published in PTC Members’ Bulletin, February 2015.

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