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PTC’17 Is Right Around the Corner!

Jessica Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager, Events
January 11, 2017

It’s that time of year where some of us are unpacking stored summer clothes and dusting off our sunglasses because the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) annual conference, PTC’17, is kicking off this coming Sunday in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii! The much-anticipated conference brings together a diverse group of attendees who represent a variety of industries and travel from all over the world to network and gain valuable insights on the state of the global telecommunications industry.

We’re particularly looking forward to this year’s event as our very own Bill Stein (CEO), Andy Power (CFO), Andrew Schaap (Sr. VP, U.S. Sales), and Rafael Valdes (Director, Energy Management) will be participating in speaking engagements during the conference. We are also very proud to have Anthony Rossabi (Managing Director of Colocation and Connectivity) in attendance as PTC’s President and Chair of the Board of Governors who will provide Welcome Remarks and participate in a couple of panels. See below for a list of where you can hear from Digital Realty at PTC’17:

Key Business and Legal Issues Associated With Delivering Content to the Edge

Sunday, January 15th | 3:30p | Andrew Schaap

Welcome Remarks

Monday, January 16th | 9:00a | Anthony Rossabi

New Data Center Dynamics

Monday, January 16th | 11:20a | Bill Stein

Are Legal Frameworks Facing a Changing Reality?

Monday, January 16th | 2:00p | Anthony Rossabi

Green Data: Opportunities and Risks

Wednesday, January 18th | 9:00a | Rafael Valdes

Is there Capital for the Cloud?

Wednesday, January 18th | 10:30am | Andy Power

IoT Impact on Carriers and Data Centers

Wednesday, January 18th | 11:35a | Anthony Rossabi

You can refer to the full PTC’17 agenda for more information.

Also be sure to RSVP to our NFL Viewing Party on Sunday, January 15th or you can schedule to meet with us when it’s most convenient for you.

About PTC

PTC's annual conference is the Asia-Pacific's premier telecommunications event and provides all attendees with a three-day platform to network and learn the latest insights from a slew of engaging panels and keynotes. This year’s theme, Changing Realities, will explore the changing realities of business, customer demands, the global economy, and the global regulatory environment to help attendees identify how these new realities will affect them and how they can chart their own paths through the dynamic changes of our industry.

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