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Relationships Matter - Even In Colocation

Joseph Rydarowski
April 2, 2015

My grandfather once told me that my goal in life should be doing “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

An Irish immigrant, my grandfather moved to the U.S. and became a milkman for Borden’s Dairy in his search for success and the American dream. He was a true salesman. That term sometimes conjures up negative stereotypes, yet he was a natural salesman in a positive way, blessed with charm and a great sense of humor.

His career depended on his ability to find his own base of clients and develop long-lasting relationships with them. If he did, he’d have clients for years to come. If he failed to build trust and strengthen those relationships, however, it wouldn’t be long before his American dream would be over. Thankfully, his hard work paid off, and he and my grandmother raised a very successful family of 7 children who all keep his legacy in mind while giving back to others.

Fast forward several decades later, and I’ve found that my grandfather’s career and mine have much more in common than I ever could’ve guessed.

On the surface, I’m sure most people would have a hard time imagining how much dairy sales and colocation could really be alike. Dig deeper, however, and I think you’ll find that they’re both driven by the same guiding principle: strong relationships.

Colocation and interconnection, while centered on tech, are in practice about so much more than hardware and physical connections. Think about it: would you rather find a colocation vendor that sets you up and sends you on your merry way, hoping for the best, or a true partner that not only gives you colocation services, but is also deeply committed to your business’ success? I may work at an interconnection and data center company, but I’ve built my entire career on relationships. Successful relationships formulate successful clients, even in an industry that seems at a distance like it would be strictly digital.

In selecting a partner in this space, then, ask yourself not only how good their connections and ecosystem are, but also how they treat their relationships. Are key stakeholders easily accessible? Are all of the vendor’s employees focused on your success? Do you have to tackle excessive red tape if you want to get something done? Most importantly, does your provider truly have your best interests in mind?

Here at Telx, we’re large enough to be meaningful, yet small and nimble enough to formulate relationships with individuals across a variety of functions. What that means in practice is that we work much less like a vendor and more like a trusted advisor and friend. A small client at Telx gets the same amount of attention as a large one, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re able to position all clients for success throughout their lifetimes, regardless of industry or area of expertise.

Colocation, interconnection, and dairy sales may seem worlds apart, but in reality, they’re much more similar than you might think. Find a vendor that values relationships as much as they value their actual data center services, and I think you’ll find yourself poised for success.



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