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Sipartech: An International Connection (Case Study)

Sean McCarthy
May 19, 2015

Markets are rapidly globalizing as the years go on, with companies beginning to operate in international territories thanks to a greater availability of advanced technologies. One of the main themes that has arisen is the push for colocation, data center consolidation and similar activities to help connect businesses more efficiency than ever before.

Telx provides a wealth of data center and colocation services to companies around the globe, and specializes in solving complex problems with respect to proximity, power and security. To illustrate the scale at which Telx can step in and provide the proper solutions to challenging issues, this video interview with international Sipartech client provides an excellent glimpse.

For some context, Sipartech is an independent, neutral network operator based in the Paris metropolitan area. The firm offers and manages dark fiber networks to enterprises, governments and other operators in need of connectivity solutions. Considering the sensitivity of operations and information within its common clients’ needs, security and reliability are paramount for the firm.

This video will highlight some of the ways in which Sipartech leveraged Telx’s services to solve several challenges and ensure its own stature in the international community, most notably the United States.

Sipartech and Telx have teamed up to enable international business progress. Learn more buy watching this short case study film.

To learn more about Sipartech and their services, please visit their site:



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