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SLAs and Telx: What You Need to Know

Chris Downie
March 18, 2014

In selecting a data center service provider, few factors have as much influence on your customers and end users as your Service Level Agreement, or SLA. As with any other service contract, your data center service SLA defines what type of service you’ll get, what performance you’re guaranteed, what to expect should an outage happen, and ultimately, how the service you’re purchasing could impact your end user.

And as Ben noted in his recent post about what a business should ask a data center supplier about their leases, not all SLAs are created equally. You should read yours carefully before signing on for anything, as often, the SLA is your best indicator of what you can actually expect from your data center service provider when the rubber meets the road.

Here at Telx, we’re very familiar with the importance of the SLA—and that familiarity is reflected in how we’ve written it, and what we offer.

Points about our Service Level Agreement that we’d like to highlight:

  • 100% uptime and 100% on-time service delivery: Our SLA offers 100% uptime and 100% on-time service delivery—among the very best in the industry. That means better reliability for your customers, and better service throughout the life of your contract.
  • 5-minute response time: When a customer experiences a (very rare) outage or other service problem, once they notify Telx, Telx will respond within 5 minutes.
  • Environments Scope: We provide an industry leading facility environmentals service level scope which ensures we meet or exceed the standards set forth by ASHRAE – the global leader in technical and education resources for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.
  • Remedies and Credit for outages: And finally, our Remedies and Credits section of our SLA dictates what a customer will receive in the event of an outage. Specifically, this dictates how much compensation you’ll receive in the event of an outage.

When we said that not all SLAs are created equally, we meant it. Telx’s 100% uptime and 100% on-time service delivery SLAs are among the best in the industry, and our enthusiastic customer service helps ensure that you’re always in the loop.

While a Service Level Agreement may not be the most exciting facet of choosing a data center service provider, it’s important enough that you should absolutely take the time to become intimately familiar with your SLA and what it promises. A good (or bad) SLA could mean the difference between 24/7 service and hours of downtime, so choosing a provider like Telx with an industry leading SLA is absolutely worth the effort.

Take for instance the impact of losing power to the facility. While this could be a disaster for some, partnering with a provider that will work with you to help mitigate any damages is a must. For more details on how power loss can impact your business check out “What Is the Potential Impact of a Data Center Losing Power” a recent blog post on the Telx site.

Want to learn more about Telx’s SLA and what it means for your end user? Reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter for more information.



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