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Taking a Look at the Data Center Era

Ben Gonyea
June 18, 2014

In a recent article in Wired, author Albert Pimentel took a look at something very interesting: the era of the data center.

As he notes, “you can track the history of business through real estate,” and now, “in the 21st century, we’re in the first stages of the data center era” where a growing dependence on the cloud also means a growing dependence on fast, reliable data centers.

Pimentel identifies five main factors that will determine success in the data center era, and unsurprisingly, we’re keeping a close eye on all of them here at Telx:

  1. Energy consumption: Energy, the second highest variable expense (right after employees), will be, as Pimentel notes, essential moving forward; those companies that are able to most substantially reduce energy consumption will continue to find success. Here at Telx, we’re working to reduce energy consumption across all of our data centers. From NJR3 to our many other data centers across the country, Telx has green processes in place that help to reduce our footprint and energy costs.
  2. Latency: Latency, as you can imagine, means everything in today’s fast-paced environment. Pimentel stresses that “getting data from storage system A to server B efficiency and without lag time (or latency) is arguably the biggest challenge in computing today.” How is Telx addressing that? For one, all of our data centers put our customers in the middle of the country’s biggest ecosystems. We also offer immense connectivity options to give our customers extremely fast connections where they need them. Low latency has always been a concern of ours, and that will continue being the case as we move forward.
  3. Virtualization: Per Pimentel, “the virtualization process decreases idle time by combining different applications on the same piece of hardware.” While we don’t yet combine different applications on the same piece of hardware across all of our fleet, our customers have the option to do so and make the most out of their hardware. This is just one of the many ways we’re working to increase efficiency.
  4. Real estate strategies: As we just mentioned above, all of Telx’s data centers are strategically placed in the nation’s most essential markets. Pimentel stresses “location, location, location”—and we agree.
  5. Training and personnel: Finally, as Pimentel notes, “at some point, you can’t outsource a strategic asset.” Data center employees are only going to continue to grow in importance as time goes on, and here at Telx, we’ve recognized that need for some time now. Our commitment to excellence is instilled in all of our employees, who are committed to providing round-the-clock, quality service—yet another factor that differentiates Telx from the rest.

In the era of the data center, these five factors (and more) will continue to see a heightened importance as our data usage—and accordingly, the need for data centers—increases. Here at Telx, we’re staying on top of the game; all of these factors are already a part of our strategy to fuel infrastructure, interconnection and business progress.

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