Jessica Smith
June 13, 2014

Telx's CEO Chris Downie was honored as a finalist for the 'CFO Hall of Fame' by the New Jersey Technology Council today. The awards breakfast, sponsored by PWC and attended by some of the most prominent businesses with operations in the state, recognized the accomplishments of current and former financial executives in the New Jersey region, including Downie.

Telx has had a significant presence in New Jersey since 2007 and launched its flagship state-of-the-art NJR3 datacenter in Clifton, NJ in 2013. It now operates three strategically-located datacenters in the state, offering access to the NY-Metro area and Telx’s nationwide portfolio of 21 datacenters across 13 U.S. markets.

During his tenure as CFO of Telx from 2007-13, Downie helped steer the company north of 30% annual growth and profitability growth in excess of 40%. Accepting his finalist's award, Downie thanked the efforts of the NJTC for fostering local business expansion and collaboration as well as for celebrating the key role CFOs play in the success of companies across the tech industry.

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