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Telx Data Center Spotlight: LOS1

Michael DeVito
July 13, 2015

There’s something going on in Los Angeles.

Although Mark Suster of venture capital firm Upfront Ventures had heard that saying regularly from investors and entrepreneurs, he wasn’t sure if there really was something going on in southern California. He decided to investigate.

What he found in an article for TechCrunch last year was that there is indeed something going on in L.A. Data released by the LA Economic Development Council, Suster noted, shows that the city now has more people employed in high-tech jobs than any other metro region in the U.S. It’s also home to more entrepreneurs as a percentage of the population than anywhere else in the country.

Ultimately, Suster attributes all the buzz about L.A. to a fast growing tech ecosystem, a convergence of talent, capital, and lifestyle, as well as great positioning for content, commerce, and communications. What’s more, he finds that the city has big ambitions for the future.

With so much going on in the city, who wouldn’t want to be there?

That brings us to our LOS1 data center, which finds its home at 600 West 7th Street in Los Angeles, California. One of the premier colocation facilities in southern California, LOS1 is seismically rated and provides businesses small and large direct access to the incredible ecosystem described above by Suster. In fact, it’s one of the most prominent technology facilities on the West Coast.

That’s not all. LOS1 also provides connectivity options to One Wilshire, which sold in 2013 for a record $437.5 million—about $660 per square foot. One Wilshire is home to telecom tenants such as Verizon, Sirius XM Radio, and China Telecom, to name a few. All of them are directly accessible by way of LOS1, which offers access to dozens of leading domestic and international carriers, as well as connection points to the world’s telecom networks and backbones.

Telx’s LOS1 data center has almost 22,000 square feet of space, is located outside the 100 year flood plain, offers power density of 125-250 watts per square foot, and has 2N UPS redundancy and N+1 generator and cooling redundancy. It’s also SOC 2, SOC 3, and HIPAA compliant for even the most stringent regulatory compliance needs.

Companies in the area looking for premier connectivity and data center services would be well-served by all that LOS1 has to offer. Companies not in the L.A. area would likely benefit greatly from moving into this growing technology and startup hub.

If connectivity and access to L.A.’s fast-growing, unique ecosystem are what you’re looking for, LOS1 is exactly what you need. Visit LOS1’s data center description page here. For additional questions about Telx’s LOS1 facility, reach out to the Telx team through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.


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