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Transaction Outsourcing: The Successful Approach to Outsourcing

Andrew Baird
June 17, 2014

Like any business partnership, outsourcing data center services needs to be considered carefully before entering into a relationship with a vendor. You need to maximize profits while maintaining control of IT.

Not every data center vendor can do this, though. When it comes to outsourcing in general, the client-to-vendor relationship is notoriously tricky; some 40-70% outsourced IT services deals fail to meet expectations.

However, research shows that “transaction outsourcing” between client and vendor succeeds 90% of the time. In transaction outsourcing, the client outsources specific operations with clearly defined business rules, such as expense reporting or backup and disaster recovery.

In short, if you know specifically what you want your data center provider to do, then the chances of a successful outsourcing relationship will be better.

Telx’s data center services can provide you with whatever solutions you need, no matter their size or level of complexity. Need help with interconnectivity? We provide interconnection services to over 1,000 telecommunication carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises, yielding more than 48,000 cross connections. Looking for a secure location for your data? We operate 20 carrier-neutral data centers across the country, meaning you won’t have to build your own data center.

Naturally, if you’re looking for a transaction outsourcing solution, you’ll want to maintain a great degree of control over your IT services. And fortunately, Telx is ahead of the game on this count, too. If you’re looking for a solution that Telx does not specifically supply, our MarketplacePORTAL is a great tool for doing so.

The MarketplacePORTAL allows you to keep control of the outsourced data center solutions that you acquired from Telx, like inventory management, cross connect orders, facility access rights, and more. Additionally, the MarketplacePORTAL provides discovery and community tools that enable you to find outsourced solutions that compliment Telx’s solutions in our diverse community of 1,200+ clients—everything from interconnection to cloud storage. MarketplacePORTAL allows you to search through and connect with Telx’s customer portfolio to adapt to the rapidly changing technology that affects interconnection flexibility.

With Telx, you’ll find a transaction outsourcing solution that’s right for the specific needs of your business. Just tell us what you want us to do and we’ll help you do it.

If you’d like to learn more about Telx’s services, feel free to reach out to us. You can connect with us through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.



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