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Webinar Just Released: The Evolving Data Center - Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution

John Freimuth
December 17, 2014

Last week, Don Schuett, Telx’s Vice President of Business Development & Strategy, continued our GigaOM webinar series with a webinar titled “The Evolving Data Center—Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution.” Although we encourage viewers to watch our webinars live when possible, we also want to make sure that these great resources are available for future use. We’ve made a recording of the webinar available on our website for any interested readers.

Readers may access the webinar by visiting its page on our Resource Center. After filling out the information form, you will be sent instructions for viewing the webinar. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions and to access the recording, simply click below:

“The Evolving Data Center—Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution,” recorded on December 9, 2014, discusses the infrastructure choices available to CIOs, and which of these choices are most suitable to various applications and workloads. For more information on addressing the ongoing challenge of developing a low-risk, inexpensive, tailored infrastructure solution, take a look at our webinar featuring Marc Staimer, Rich Morrow, Tim Crawford, and Don Schuett.



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