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What Floor Loading Capacity Do Telx Data Centers Have?

John Huntington
May 5, 2014

When you picture the typical scene at a data center, you might think of hundreds upon hundreds of computers filled with hardware stacked on top of each other and packed into heavy cabinets. The sheer weight of it all can be staggering, and a building’s floor loading capacity is a crucial factor for any company to consider when evaluating data center solutions.

To maximize floor space, the cabinets that most data centers use can handle 2,500-3,000 pounds of hardware, and the floor has to be sturdy enough to hold that weight. Depending on the amount of equipment, the data center’s floor might have to be strong enough to hold as much weight as the floor of a library filled with stacks of books.

Unfortunately, the floors in most buildings can’t do this. Solutions such as restructuring the floor by adding support beams or columns underneath, or inserting a raised floor to redistribute weight, are not always practical.

A floor caving in at the company’s data center is, to put it lightly, not good.

How much floor loading capacity you need depends on how much equipment you have and how you store it. How much the cabinets weigh, how tall and wide they are, and whether you completely fill them with equipment all affect their pounds per square foot (PSF). A 3,000-lb. cabinet with a footprint of 8.8 sq. ft. will exert about 160 PSF.

Telx has twenty carrier-neutral data centers in thirteen markets across the country, totaling 1.3 million square feet of space. Between them, our data centers average 178 PSF. The Telx ATL1 data center in Atlanta represents the median floor loading capacity with 185 PSF.

The Telx NJR3 data center in Clifton, New Jersey, which opened last year and is the first data center Telx ever built from the ground up, has an amazing floor loading capacity of 400 PSF, strong enough to maintain the heaviest of hardware.

For our West coast facilities, Telx PRT1 in Hillsboro, Oregon facility has a load capacity of 250 PSF, which is amongst the highest in the market. This ensures that our customers can have duplicated footprints within the Telx footprint of Datacenters.

Whatever your storage needs, Telx will meet them and any other security measures you need from a data center. From blueprinting to daily execution, we’re heavily involved in the entire data center process, ensuring that you get state-of-the-art facilities and equipment when you choose Telx as your data center services provider.

If you’d like to learn more about the building specifications of Telx’s data centers, we’d love to help. You can connect with us through the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.



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