Christy Joo, Product Marketing Manager
May 10, 2017

Atlanta’s data center market is an emerging hub of connectivity in the American southeast. Because of the unique combination of rising demand and ideal location, Atlanta has seen an explosion of growth in both technology-savvy companies and the data centers needed to serve them. Data Center Knowledge published an article detailing some of that growth and the circumstances that are encouraging it.

Recently, we announced the expansion of our Atlanta campus. Atlanta is now our third largest colocation and interconnection market, after only New York and Chicago. The 300-plus customer ecosystem at our existing 56 Marietta facility includes 170 network, telecom, and cloud providers, and over 11,000 cross-connects. With demand from existing customers rising and the number of new customers also going up, we needed more capacity.

We prefer to expand our facilities with a connected campus mindset. This helps enhance scalability and innovation potential by getting our customers closer to all of the cloud resources that their businesses need to run smoothly. In this case, our new facility at 250 Williams is about half a mile away from the existing 56 Marietta facility. Everything is connected via high speed fiber so all of the capabilities enjoyed by existing customers will be available to new customers as well.

We recently published a blog discussing some of the reasons why Atlanta is such a major hub for innovation in business and technology. We’re not the only ones who think so. Several other providers have also expanded their Atlanta offerings in recent months and because of the number of tech-intensive industries and Fortune 500 companies in the area we think there is more than enough demand to lift all ships, so to speak.

Want to learn more about the rising demand for connectivity and the growth of data centers in the Atlanta market? Learn about Digital Realty’s Atlanta Connected Campus or read the Data Center Knowledge article in its entirety.

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