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With Climate Change Upon Us, The Time Is Now To Mitigate Risk By Outsourcing Your Data Center

Brian Fitzpatrick
May 22, 2014

Declaring that the issue of human-induced climate change has “moved firmly into the present,” a major study recently found that rising sea levels, water shortages, torrential rains, heat waves, and wildfires were worsening across the United States as a result of current climate change.

As The New York Times notes in its most recent discussion of the study, “The report is the latest in a series of dire warnings about how the effects of global warming that had been long foreseen by climate scientists are already affecting the planet” [emphasis ours]. The long and the short of it? Climate change is upon us, and that’s significant for all kinds of companies—including those with a hand in technology.

While climate change probably is not the first thing many companies are thinking about when contemplating the safety and security of their business’ and customers’ data, the hard cold reality is that there’s an increasingly higher probability of disruptive natural events with the potential to directly impact companies who use data centers to store information and interconnect with their employees and customers. With natural threats like hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding becoming more and more likely as time goes on, it’s critical that businesses start protecting themselves from these very likely disruptive events.

Although this is something that companies can do on their own by committing to significant investments in time, resources and capital expense, outsourcing your data center is a cost-effective, secure, and above all, reliable alternative. The potential impact of a private, single-tenant data center losing power is immense—the average cost of data center downtime across industries was recently estimated by Emerson Network Power at approximately $7,900 per minute—and the resources involved in creating and maintaining a resilient, robust and secure data center on your own would be daunting.

Building and managing your own data center that can withstand these types of disruptive natural events is not only difficult, but also immensely time consuming for your staff. However, when you outsource and colocate to a Telx data center, you can rest easy knowing that we provide fully redundant, reliable, secure data centers. All Telx facilities are built to provide a minimal of N+1 redundancy, and full UPS power and generator backup to deliver the highest level of uptime availability and protection for our customers’ mission critical operations in the industry.

The question of climate change is no longer an “if,” or even a “when”— the time is upon us now. It’s time to start taking action about mitigating your operational and financial risk by outsourcing mission critical operations to a provider like Telx. If you’d like to learn more about Telx’s outsourcing solutions and how we can help your business weather the storm, please reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.


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