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Staying ahead of evolving cloud solutions with Taos

March 24, 2015

Companies are facing pressure to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving cloud solutions for the business and IT environment. Hybrid cloud solutions are one way agile companies quickly deploy global data center assets, manage their infrastructure, as well as integrate with public and private clouds. One great example is Taos, a recent addition to the Digital Realty alliance partner program.

The Taos set of service offerings are organized around the four main stages of the IT lifecycle: Plan (advisory services), Design (technical and process architecture), Build (IT talent), and Run (managed services). The company’s expertise across all infrastructure, cloud operations, and data center domains allows Taos to effectively address all four stages.

Taos has an impressive client list across a wide range of industries, and a unique expertise in working with businesses that are experiencing unusually rapid growth.

As the Director of Global Alliances, it is my job to bring together a set of global alliance partners that allow these projects to be executed quickly and that meet industry best practices. Specifically, I am focused on enabling companies to:

  • Build faster with less risk: choose with confidence from proven partner deployment solutions.
  • Grow globally: leverage Digital Realty’s 130 locations in 33 markets on 4 continents.
  • Boost your skills: extend your IT team with managed services.
  • Connect: our broad portfolio of network providers lets you connect with cloud providers with a range of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.

For more information, call Taos at (888)-826-7686 or fill out their online Contact Us form.

Michael Bohlig, Director of Global Alliances (@bohlig)


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